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Inside the Sandcrawler

Not far into Super Star Wars (SSW) it becomes apparent that this game is a lot like the early Castlevania carts. Once I got the knack of not dying to the learning curve and picked up on the blaster upgrades gaining power and sticking with you through the levels, the game really started to be fun.
Part of the learning curve for me comes because I’m trying to beat these games with no research at first, so I’m not looking up cheats or skips, or even instruction manuals; I know they’re out there but I don’t want to risk seeing a hint, I feel like it would ruin the authenticity of the project. Not knowing makes it difficult, finding out where the blaster upgrades stop, figuring out what the swords and helmets and other emblems actually do when I pick them up has taken some time. Took me all the way up to level 4, which I can get to without dying now, should tell you how much time I’ve put in.
Level 4, however, is where I stopped. Again, game over, and over and over, continues gone, and gone and gone. I quit for the day after many failed attempts to make those three or so little jumps to the boss. How do I know that there’s a boss after those jumps without doing research you ask? Because I jump far enough to make it’s name and health bar pop up, but die instantly in the lava pit where the fight takes place. I’ve never seen the boss, just the health bar.
The difficulty of the game brings me back though. I totally understand why Nintendo ported this to the Wii VC.
Anyone else playing this?


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