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Super Meat Boy Achievements 

There comes a game from time to time that tics all your boxes and keeps you engaged in a way that is probably unhealthy. Super Meat Boy is that game for me right now and I’m hunting achievements.

My deepest pride so far? ¬†Salt Boy and Brimstone Boy, both under 2% for the entire Steam player base for the game. It’s super cool to do something so few people have, and to know that this process allows me to see the game in a way not many people get to.

I set goals and they are starting to seem unattainable. Each new milestone I tell myself I won’t go much further and then I leap off the plateu I’ve reached and make progress. Just today I smashed through 3 barriers keeping me from progression.

Of course this has reinvigorated my resolve to “finish” the game how I want to. Word to Tommy and Ed, your game is the one.

Salt Boy Brimstone Boy yayah!


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