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Maggot Boy

Maggot Boy

Less than 1% of players on Steam

70 hours into #SuperMeatBoy I’m working on the Maggot Boy achievement. I was super proud of Brimstone Boy, finally making it through Hell without dying. Towards the end of the “perfect” Hell run grind I knew I was getting close so I have been picking at Maggot Boy, going back through the Rapture to get the A+ everywhere, checking for easier bandages that I may have missed. By the time I was ready to sink my teeth into my next goal I was familiar enough with the Rapture that I knew it was going to be the most difficult yet.

There isn’t one level that sticks out as more difficult than the others, at this time it seems like during any given session I can get caught on any level. That’s how Brimstone Boy started out though, I was sure I’d never make it through, when I did there was definite over-celebration. Looking at the stats on Steam, Maggot Boy is far enough down the list that it is worrying me. That coupled with the fact that I am stuck on Dark Rapture for progression towards 100%, I don’t know if I’ll finish it like I want to. I’ve kind of decided I’m able to get the achievement, however, which is one step closer to accepting the addiction.

Super Meat Boy Global Achievements

Steam Global Achievement stats.

Probably half way through my time struggling with Brimstone Boy I started watching speed runs more. The biggest difference I noticed between them and me is precision. I still don’t quite get it but they seem to be able to make Meat Boy do things I can’t make him do, like they have mods I don’t have or something. Watching my game play though its pretty easy to see that they have just spent more time in the game.

And what’s the point anyway? Anyone could justifiably ask at any moment? Some games define a niche for certain players. This is a precision control niche that some of us have been looking for since 1983 when we realized we could get through Mario super fast if we focused and got better. For some of us, Super Meat Boy is one of the few places we can apply our most useless and longest reaching 2d platforming skills and sustained focus. Expressing that ability is the most relaxing thing…

Really though if I don’t get to finish I am ok with that too, hell, I still haven’t beat The Kid’s warp zone yet…

Super Meat Boy Kids Warp 1

“The Kids Warp Zone.” Over-celebrated this small victory. I took this screen shot but it was another half hour or so before I completed the level, not the whole warp, just the level.  “omgomgomgomgimtheonlyonethatunderstands” #SuperMeatBoy


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