Born in ’82

From Ohio (University of Cincinnati 5 years for English/Writing/Education)

Father of 3

Play Guitar/Sing

Like most music, most games, most books, hiking, cycling, cooking, bonsai/gardening

Most days I make my bed

I have wanted to write about games my whole life, share experiences, tell stories and laugh with the millions of other people that love games. It is important to me that there is good information out there about games and the people who make and play them. The idea I had when I started this was first to show a portfolio of my writing because I have a career in mind, and second to be in tune with devs and players because they are my people.


I have poems in 14 Hills and Cobalt Review, two stellar Lit Journals.

I placed 1st and 2nd, consecutive years as an undergrad in a professionally peer reviewed essay contest ($800 total, which meant a lot at the time). My essays were kind of about education reform, the kind of stuff that would get me in trouble in my 50’s if I were running for office. I argued a unique point well and it was fun.

I have a short story at my undergrad online Lit journal (it won the editors pick and I got money for it, significant for me at the time)

If you’ve read all this, thank you for your time. I’m most active on Facebook and Twitter right now if you’re looking for social media.

Reach out for my Steam id or Nintendo friend code, that’s where I’m at most of the time for games and my Steam is open to anyone to watch live.

I also play WoW from time to time, and I have Xbox Live and PSN accounts but I’m just not on there much.




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