Towerfall is a beautiful game that I never got around to playing. During research like I do though, on the people behind it, I came to follow Matt Thorson (@MattThorson) on Twitter. When I started seeing art for Celeste and Matt was tweeting about the number of levels he was building for Celeste, I knew it was going to be something I would like. A day from Launch, I’m sure it will be and since it was announced for Switch, I was going to buy it.

The soundtrack is great. There are systems in place to skip out on parts of the game that a player finds undesirable. Unlike Fez, where the game is designed with no enemies, no death, no consequences, Celeste allows you to turn those things off. Don’t like the stamina system, turn on unlimited. Don’t like the spikes, turn on invincibility. Don’t like the pace, turn on slow-mo. Don’t like the story, click through it. Instead of designing those things out, the game allows you to filter those aspects yourself and tells you that even though that’s not how the game was designed to play, you can play through that way.

I will absolutely be writing more about Celeste, reaching out to those that made it for insight, and to the top players in the speedrunning community that is sure to build up around this game. I see Celeste being a thing for a long time, the spirit of which may be even closer to Super Meat Boy than SMB Forever will be.



Celeste, release 1/25/18


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