Doom on Switch

I’ve been playing Doom since the free demo of the original released on PC. Going against


Doom on Switch, mmm that helmet.

my mom I put hours and hours into the Super Nintendo port, never getting far but renting it as often as I could. Less than 10 hours into the Switch port of the newest Doom release from Bethesda, I have very little complaints and much to praise.


After almost 80 hours of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I’ve gotten used to fast load times and frequent auto-saves. Doom adds to the load times and feels as if it doesn’t auto-save as often, though it may feel that way because of the difficulty; Doom is as expected, more difficult. The main reason for the slow load times seems to be that the game tries to connect online before anything else, erroring out before allowing me to move forward.


Even downloading the first update took longer than I was happy with.

I’m not playing online yet so it’s more noticeable. After a death, loading from the last save point seems always to take me further back than I would like unless I’ve died during a swarm, which is a hallmark of this game.


Things I love far outweigh the things I do not, however, and the slow load times may just be because of the hardware, or me being used to playing a Nintendo product tweaked to fit neatly within a Nintendo product.


There are enemies everywhere always, don’t ever stand still.


I love the diversity of enemies. In older Doom titles I remember fewer enemies with more significant jumps in toughness. The original enemies are there but have been reworked and added to, to make things feel more diverse at every level I’ve encountered so far. It feels like there are¬†constantly more tactics involved because you are always scanning to see whats in front of you, it isn’t going to be the same 2-3 possibilities, and these enemies are smart, using cover and high ground to their advantage. More play time is required to say anything more definite but I’m waiting for that boss fight moment where something new and uglier than anything I’ve seen yet rips my face off.

I love that there are retro Doom unlocks for uncovering secrets, though this is something I’ve only read about but not experienced so far. Other collectibles in the game feel authentic, suit and weapon upgrades are a nice addition from previous titles and there is a more tangible reward for being thorough about clearing every last mob beyond getting a higher percentage complete at the end of a map.

This game is the strongest argument yet for the purchase of a pro controller. I’ve yet to complain about the joy-cons in any of their configurations but their small frame cramps my big hands trying to finesse the thumbsticks into accurate shots. I wish I had played Doom on another console before Switch for comparison but it may be a blessing as everything I’m reading tells me it was tweaked for the hardware and maybe a touch less good looking. In handheld mode it’s flashy and quick. I’ll have a lot to say once I’ve played more.



Suit powerups are just cool.


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