Super Meat Boy on Switch

Team Meat (@SuperMeatBoy) on Twitter says that day one Switch sales were close to day one Xbox live sales in 2010 when the game first launched. Super Meat Boy is aging but no one should be surprised that it still holds up. It would make sense if day one sales on Switch weren’t what they were but the system is perfect for the game. The thumb sticks are short and maybe a little too responsive, the game boots quickly and the scale feels right. Most important, Meat Boy handles the same. People on Twitter are talking timing and rhythm engrained in their brains. Super Meat Boy is one of the best games ever made, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect match, and while it was released on the Vita, being able to hold it in your lap, play it laying in bed, pop in some earbuds and tune out, make it one of the best games on the system right now.

First on the list of things I was happy to see was the return of Cotton Alley. I wondered if the unlockable end levels would be Switch specific but I hadn’t heard anything about it so I wasn’t expecting it. Two days after downloading I completed Cotton Alley and moved on to the Dark World, second on my list of things I was happy to see return. I expected them to be there but halfway through the Light World of each level I realized I never completed all the Dark World levels on Xbox or PC, instead getting caught up trying for the no death achievements. Even that goal I cut short, saying I only wanted the achievements for levels up to the Light World version of The End. Since there are no achievements in the Switch version, completing the Dark World levels will have to suffice for challenge, which that will do just fine, Dark World is no joke, and completing the game 100% gains you entry into an exclusive alcove within Steams SMB forums.

Super Meat Boy on the Switch will pave the way perfectly for Super Meat Boy Forever, due to launch soon to similar acclaim. In a brief Q and A with Nintendo Dads, Tommy Refenes (@TommyRefenes) states that SMB Forever will not be a reskin of SMB with 600 new levels, wanting instead to do something different but within the SMB world. He referenced the early Mega Man games stating that Mega Man 2 is one of his favorites, and 3 and 4 were good games but he doesn’t remember 5,6,7,8, and 9 because they were so similar. Until SMB Forever launches, I’ll be fighting Dark Worlds and finding bandages in the original.


Super Meat Boy on Switch 1

Super Meat Boy on Nintendo Switch


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