World of Warcraft: Questions about the Social Game

Tuning in for the Legion event. It’s hard to leave WoW, for some more so that others. The Legion event has promised enough drama for my beloved Azeroth to hook me back. Cata had me for awhile but I haven’t had a current max level character since then. I played MoP, I played WoD, but neither stuck.

The biggest reason is social. When I started playing I intended for it to be a solo venture. I didn’t know there was a monthly fee, and I wasn’t quite sure what an MMORPG was, nor that WoW was an MMO. Before WoW (Lich King) was Doom 3 so I was pretty much under a rock game-fan speaking. Not far in I made a few friends and without realizing it, they became why I played. I played a lot on my own but those people kept me hooked. Since Cata I haven’t had people to go back to, and Blizz killed the social game so I’m not sure it will ever stick like it did.

So many of us stop there, explaining that “Bliz ruined WoW and that’s why I stay away,” but I’d like to think there’s more to my absence than one facet that had nothing to do with my buying the game, and for months playing it. The Warcraft lore wasn’t something I knew anything about. I guess the real reason I stayed with it was that I really just wanted to play a part in the world. That was my motivation for starting it, immersion. Has WoW really fallen so far that it’s now lacking an immersive environment? Or has it just been done, and done, and done, just too much. Like fracking Law and Order.

Switching to Horde does a few things for me. It’s like a new game, I don’t know where anything is, I have to read the quests, look at battleground layouts, listen to them talk. There is a lot left to be seen, maybe this time around will be less of a blur. Tanking with a Demon Hunter has me paying very close attention.


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