Narrative Gurumin: A Fun House

I inch forward with this game. It’s fun while I’m playing it but I have to accept a few things about it. Some of the music is repetitive in a way I’m not into. This game isn’t going to challenge me in the way I’m used to. Giving it my attention is rewarding, it is fun, there are great moments. I know that if I would have found this game at the right time in my life it would be something I want to return to. Monster Party comes to mind so often that I just ordered it to play again. This game is quirky in the same way. Its memorable.


Gurumin 22

(. . .) One of my favorite characters. The voice actors are great but I wish this was originally handled differently. All of the sounds, with the art and the voice acting give me that springy super charged energentic kids show feeling. Something I would want my daughter to play (She is).

I want to be able to sit down for a few hours with this game. Zelda games have that effect on me as well, like I have to commit to the world. I have to let myself believe its true, in a way.

Gurumin was suggested to me as an action platformer. As an action platformer it hits all the tic marks for something that could hold my interest. It’s something I wish I would have come across when I was young. As an adult the art and music don’t do it for me. Now that I’m through the beginning I expect the pace to pick up. I’m looking for a learning curve something like a Nintendo classic. 

For the most part that’s what I’m seeing. It’s a game that gives a lot up front in the tutorial-like beginning. I got the same encouragement from an NPC as I did from the publisher of the game. “Stick with it, it’s a deep game.” One of the most rewarding aspects of the game is that it respects your effort, storing up power in your weapon as you smash through enemies. I’m hoping the pace picks up a bit, cool as it was to go back through the beginning area as a now non-tutorial stage to clear. I want more and I’m confident Gurumin is going to deliver. 


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