Super Star Wars: Oh the Pit

It took some time for me to get back into the Sandcrawler after a long break from Super Star Wars on the SNES. My last go around with it I wasn’t playing much else but the few SNES games I had, and that was also when I first encountered Super Meat Boy. SMB was frustrating to me at the time so I stuck with the old stuff.

Why on earth I thought SMB was frustrating compared to SSW I have no idea. SMB is hard but perfect, SSW is hard because of limitations. Super Star Wars sets traps for you that are going to kill you your first time through. The level, Inside Sandcrawler, has a falling floor into a pit where you have to jump off at the right moment, but you can’t see at all so your first few times it’s going to be a loud event, was for me anyway swearing at the TV.

After that pit though is the classic Nintendo make-this-perfect-jump-or-die teaching events where near the end of a difficult level they designed a jump where the ceiling seems to low to get the height you need to clear the gap. I don’t remember how I passed it and I was at the end of my play time when I cleared the board up to where I was before. Just ahead of that last evil jump is an equally evil boss fight that I have yet to down.

But I will, oh I will…


Super Star Wars 2

Super Star Wars, Inside the Sandcrawler. The boss is just to the right to be fought on platforms like the bottom pic. Best strat seems to be to have more health and bigger dps. Dodging the attacks causes more problems than it solves.


One thing I do appreciate are the secrets, tucked away to be found when hugging a wall too close. Near the end of Inside the Sandcrawler, after I had died many simple deaths and lost all my extra health and power ups, I found this, a glorious nook stuffed with goodies. If only I would have made it to the end.


Super Star Wars 1

This was the first real secret I found in the game. I won’t tell you where it is just in case.


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