Hyper Light Drifter

It was the look of it that had me clicking on it as it came across my discovery que. I could tell it was pixel, but there was something about it that reminded me of watercolor. Hyper Light Drifter, after the first hour the watercolor of it is all I thought it would be, but the environment takes some getting used to to know where you can slip by or not. The look of everything is so abstract its difficult to tell whats what. But Heart Machine did right by anyone that played action RPG’s in the 90’s and still wants more

Hyper Light Drifter First Impressions

Hyper Light Drifter is stunning. If you were a kid with a SNES you’ll feel at home in front of the screen.

The animations are super fluid, complimenting the tone of the game, the music, the enemies. Its challenging without being overwhelming up front, though not long into it you will have to fight a barrage of enemies you’ve already faced so get comfortable with the controls early. I died the first time I found it but some of the enemies are hidden and come on quick.

As far as mechanics go, watching the video on Steam I saw that there was something unique going on. Playing the new abilities takes some getting used to but the dash is easy to manipulate. There is a timing to the sword attacks in conjunction with the dash, but when you get it down with the enemies attacks its easy enough to negotiate. I’m reminded of Monster Hunter, the way the player character and enemies seem to turn and set before they attack, though the movements aren’t as pronounced. The truer inspiration manifests more as a reiterated Ocarina of Time fight system.

Reading the game as an RPG I’m open minded toward the world building. Things are weird, easily, but it isn’t something I’m not confident I’ll be able to catch onto. There is no speech; characters you meet speak in grunts and picture stories. What I thought were shops I’m not sure now what they are, there are people inhabiting the spaces and the buildings are associated with weapons and such that you will have picked up, there are signs, but I don’t quite understand if they are teaching you how to use the item or what really. I can see that things will start making sense as I find more items, but the devs expect a lot of patience out of us. The game is sold as an RPG though, so that is part of the package.

I’m digging in for sure. Nothing so far has taken me out of it and I’ll be making sense of things soon.

More to come…


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